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      [Limited Sale]Hot Summer Box





      Hot Summer Box Limited Sale


      Purchase limited Hot Summer Box, and get “Dual Magic Stone” and “Ultimate Magic Stone!


      Duration: 2018/07/30 ~ 2018/09/06 Before Maintenance




      - You can randomly obtain 1 item when using Hot Summer Box.



      [1] Ultimate Magic Stone information


      Ultimate Magic Stones can be obtained at a low chance when combining Highest Rank+Highest Rank Magic stones
      Ultimate Magic Stones can be obtained when combining Ultimate+Ultimate Magic Stones




      [2] Dual Magic Stones


      Please note certain Dual Magic Stones have problems with in-game tooltip, which will be fixed in future maintenance




      - Please note
      1) Hot Summer Box will not be subject to refund if moved into Inventory from Shopping Cart
      2) Event details could be changed due to internal affairs. Any changes made will be notified in a separate announcement.