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      [Event]Red Stone Summer Event

      Red Stone Summer Event



      July 26th After Maintenance ~ September 5th Before Maintenance (In-game Time)



      1. Phoenix Beacon

      Holy Ember item is delivered into inventory when you eliminate monsters within +-100 levels of your character.

      The Beacon is lit as Holy Ember is delivered to NPC Derrick.

      All players in the server gains buffs as the Beacon grows bigger.
      Phoenix Doll item can be obtained by delivering Holy Ember to NPC Derrick.
      Phoenix Doll can be used to obtain random items.
      Phoenix Doll can be traded with event items.
      Seal of Phoenix can be used to increase seal level of event items, which enhances item effects.
      Increasing seal level of event items with Phoenix Seal has a certain failure chance.
      Above seal level 6, increasing seal level of event items and failing can cause seal level to decrease. (Up to 3 level drop when above +20)


      2. Using Phoenix Doll


      You can obtain 1 random item from the list below when Phoenix Doll is used.



      *Increasing seal level of Phoenix items by using Phoenix Seals has a failure chance.
      *It can alson cause the seal level to drop when the increase fails.


      3. Phoenix Doll Trade Items


      You can trade Phoenix Dolls with the items listed below from NPC Derrick.



      ※ Please note
      1. Phoenix Item duration is 30 days, from the day of purchase.
      2. Phoenix Item becomes permanent when seal level 10 is reached.
      3. All Phoenix Items are untradeable.
      4. Mirror Magic Book cannot be used on Phoenix Items.
      5. Artifice of Great Merchant cannot be used on Phoenix Items.
      6. Item details can be checked in game, from item tooltip.
      7. Event details could be changed due to internal affairs. Any changes made will be notified in a separate announcement.