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      [Event - Item Giveaway!]

      Gather up, players. we are doing an Item Giveaway!


      For the long time of waiting, and your love for our game,  

      we’ve prepared something in return as gift for our fellow players.


      Portal Sphere Power Kit(3hr) and Mysterious Box will be given per characters. [Both are not tradable, you know!]  


      And when you are about to take it, just be careful with Portal Sphere Power Kit because it will get activated right away once you get it from the NPC! So choose your time wisely. 


      You can get it by talking to the NPC 'Event Helper' located to the downward direction from High Brunenstig fountain. 


      Refer to the screen shot below for the location. 


      And please be advised, it will be given only until 4 July 17:00 [ingame time]. So don't be late!


      Thank you. 


      Kind Regards,