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      [Events - Sales and Gold Time]
      o Mysterious Pouch on sale! - 28P It's placed in 'Limited Time' tab in the Point Store. Go find out your luck! - Event time: From effective immediately to 26 July   o Gold Time x 2.0 for limited time You will get Gold Time x 2.0 between 04:00-16:00 everyday and 3 consecutive days for weekends!(Weekend 2 days + 12 hrs more before and after Sat/Sun to benefit people in different time zone) - Event time: For 2 weeks from 15 June 04:00 to 28 June 16:00 - Time specification: Gold Time x 2.0 for 3 days including Sat, Sun per week / 04:00-16:00 every day * Two different gold times won't stack. ** All the times written on here is based on ingame time.