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      [Notice - Update Preview]



      Hey guys this is B.


      Before end of Feb, we will have a big update on Feb 27th.


      Well, it would be 26th of Feb(ingame time) for you guys.


      The amount of updates are too big so i thought it would be better to separate some part of updates.


      Check the outline below.



      1. Nephon Creature (New Pet System)

      2. Adventure Report Season2

      3. Breaking the limit of Magical Damage revised and fixed.

      4. Maid Awakening

      5. 2 Black Fire Another World's Dungeons

      6. New Apache Weapons

      7. Demon Sorceress Awakening

      8. New Secret Dungeon



      So the rest of things that I mentioned such as expansion of Level, trascendence skill and etc would be upadated at March or April.


      Please refer to this.


      Thank you