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      [Maintenance, Completed Earlier] Server Maintenance (June-25)

      Hello, Adventurers!

      Server maintenance will be held during the following time.
      The maintenance will last for 2 hours 30 min -> 2 hours

      - (Game) 2024/06/25 16:30 ~ 2024/06/25 19:00 -> 18:30 (in-game time, UTC-8)
      - (Web) 2024/06/25 16:30 ~ 2024/06/25 19:00 ->18:30 (in-game time, UTC-8)

      - Server Maintenance
      - GM Event Reward

      [Limited Offer]
      - Master's Prefix Box [Finish Sale]
      - Character Nurturing Package [Finish Sale]
      - Character Boost Package [Finish Sale]
      - Association Settle Support Package [Finish Sale]
      - Suit-and-Tie Costume Package

      ※ Due to the maintenance schedule change, the 4 limited item sales will end earlier than scheduled. Also Please note that GM event rewards will also be provided on 6/25

      We apologize inconvenience this may have caused, please be advised if you are planning to purchase those items before maintenance. 

      ※ Due to the maintenance scheduled change, there will be no maintenance on 24/06/26. 

      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online