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      [Patch Note] Harmony Update Patch Note

      Hello Adventurer! We are glad that we can present information on the Harmony Update

      Please take a look at the patch note below

      1. [New Sub Quest: Invention of the Century]

      New Sub Quest [Invention of the Century] Guide
      - The new sub-quest [Invention of the Century] is now available for [900~950, recommended not required] level players.
      - Reward: 13 Billion EXP and 10 million Gold
       : Exp rewards can be increased with Grow Portal Sphere, Power Kit, 
      - Related NPC: High Brunensitg NPC Dobler (55,146) and Port City Valutish NPC Tessa (53,142)
      - All the new quest will be proceed sequentially 

      New Sub Quest [Invention of the Century] Requirement and the Stage

      Please be Advised
      Thank You
      Red Stone Online