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      [Event] Warm Spring Day Event

      Hello, Adventurers!
      Here are the detailed information for our Warm Spring Day Event

      1. Jigsaw Puzzle Event

      2024/06/06 After Maintenance ~ 2024/07/11 Before Maintenance

      - During the event, Yous can earn three [Small Puzzle Piece] by successfully completing a variety of event missions.
      - By gathering 15 [Small Puzzle Piece], You can obtain one of the rewards of [Jigsaw Puzzle Event].

      [Jigsaw Puzzle Event Shop]

      [Jigsaw Puzzle Event Page]

      [Event Token]

      [Jigsaw Puzzle Event Guide] 
      - [Small Puzzle Piece] are required to participate in [Jigsaw Puzzle Event] 

      [Jigsaw Puzzle Event Mission]
      - You can check the missions where you can obtain [Small Puzzle Piece] as follows.

      [Jigsaw Puzzle Event Reward]

      [Reward for Completing Certain Number of Jigsaw Puzzle]

      [Small Puzzle Piece Event Store]
      - Small Puzzle Pieces can also be exchanged with the items on the exclusive event store
      - [Small Puzzle Piece Event Store] are located on the left side of the mini map

      3. Attendance Check
      2024/06/06 After Maintenance ~ 2024/07/11  Before Maintenance
       - Attendance Check Event will be available during the Event Period.

      Thank you.
      Best Regards,
      Red Stone Online