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      [Announcement] Jigsaw Puzzle Event Reschedule

      Hello Adventurer! 

      We would like to sincerely apologize for rescheduling the event. 

      During the 05/22 server maintenance, a critical error was found when applying the Jigsaw Puzzle Event. We decided not to implement a new event and rescheduled it for later to prevent critical errors that might affect the adventurer. 

      It may take some time to find the cause and the solution to the issue, but rest assured, we are working diligently to resolve it. The Jigsaw Puzzle event and attendance check event will be rescheduled to 1 week later and will be reimplemented on 05/29 (Not Fixed, can be changed depending on the circumstance) 

      We understand the excitement and anticipation among our adventurers for our new events, and we are truly sorry for the delay. 

      We will strive to provide better service.

      Thank You
      Best Regards
      Red Stone Team