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      [Event] Mythic Update Event

      Hello, Adventurers!
      Here are the detailed information for our Mythic Update Event!

      1. Catch the Golden Monster! 

      2024/04/03 After Maintenance ~ 2024/05/08 Before Maintenance

      - When you hunt any monsters during the event period, you can obtain ‘Gold Coin’ with a certain probability.
      (It can only be obtained from monsters that are -100 level or higher than the character level)
      - “Gold Coin” can be traded with event rewards from Event Shop that is located right left to the minimap.
      - During the event period, some monsters will appear and be haunted by Golden Rabbitoh's energy
      (Haunted monsters will not appear from Earth of Confusion, Secret Dungeon, Boss Elimination, Raid, Trial Dungeon, 
      Dimension Hub, Jar item, Altar, black market, raid, dungeon of hardship, Land of Chaos dungeon and prefix dealer.)
      - Monsters that are haunted by Golden Rabbito's Energy will have Golden Rabbitoh's HP bar and continuous effect.
      - Golden Coin will be dropped (100%) if the players hunt the monsters that is haunted by golden rabbitoh
      - The weekly drop limit of Gold Coin is 100 and it resets everyday at 00:00 (in-game time)

      [Event Token]

      [Gold Coin Event Store]

      2. Champion Free Stat/Skill Reset Event

      2024/04/03 After Maintenance ~ 2024/04/17 Before Maintenance

      - During the event period, unlimited free stats/skill resets will be available for all champion characters.
      - For reset, please talk to NPC "Obilina" located at High Brunenstig (83,122)

      3. Attendance Check
      2024/04/03 After Maintenance ~ 2024/05/08 Before Maintenance
       - Attendance Check Event will be available for 28 days during the Event Period.

      Please be advised, thank you.
      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online.