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      [Patch Note] Mythic Update Patch Note

      Hello Adventurer!

      We are glad that we can present a Mythic update patch note. Details on the updated contents
      are listed below

      Details on other patch notes, event and limited offer can be checked under the following links


      1. Mythic Rank Nephone Creature and Creature Transcendence System

      New Highest Nephone Creature Rank [Mythic]

      - Implemented Three types of [Mythic] rank Nepon creatures (physical, magical, pet/summoned pet enhancement) with superior performance compared to the previous highest rank [Legendary] Creatures.
      - [Mythic] rank nephone creature can be obtained through synthesizing Legendary nephone creatures (% of getting mythic rank will be displayed on the UI).
      - [Mythic] rank Nepon creatures cannot be synthesized or enhanced, and are automatically locked upon acquisition.
      - [Mythic] rank Nephone creature has auto 700-pixel gold acquisition function.
      - When you obtain a mythic rank nephone creature or transforming passive option of the mythic rank creature, 3rd sub passive option will be appear with 100% chance.
      - The maximum level of mythic rank nephone creature is 120 and can be raised up to a maximum of 145 through the [Transcend] enhancement.
      - Mythic Nephone creature has 2 sets of point motions.

      [Lumiel Exclusive Skill: Illuminating Sword]
       - Casts a range attack based on a % of character's physical damage.






      [Dein Exclusive Skill: Death Governing Scythe]

       - Casts a range attack based on a % of character's Magic damage.






      [Prophagos Exclusive Skill: Instigator's Madness]

       - Can be used with Berserker Title at the same time.




      [Mythic rank nephone creature maximum level, maximum awakening, Creature Adventurer Adaptation bonus Value] 

      [Number of essences required for transforming sub-passive of Mythic rank Nephone Creature]

      [Number of the essence of that can be gained by sending the creatures] 

      [Increased value when registering Mythic rank Nepon creature as enhancement materials]


      [Amount of gold required for enhancing the Mythic rank Nephone Creature] 


      [Effect of registering Mythic Rank Nephone to the creature book]

      2. Nephone Creature Transcendence System 

      - The new enhancement system [Creature Transcend] allows additional growth for Nephone Creature. 

      - [Transcend Creature] is the reinforcement system which uses Nephon creatures that reached the highest level for each rank and the maximum awakening of passive skills. This system will allow players to increase the abilities of Nephone creatures by using the same Nepone creatures with the same rank.

      - If you succeed with [Creature Transcend] , it will increase the maximum level, and maximum awakening value of the passive skill of your Nephone Creature depending on the rank and transcendence level.


      - If you succeed with [Creature Transcend], all the data including level, stat, skill, medals that have been applied, etc.. will remain the same as before.


      [Increased in maximum level and passive skill awakening value by [Creature Transcend] enhancement]

      - Successful [Creature Transcend] on the Nephone Creature increases its maximum level. However, it does not increase the current level. 

      - When you succeed with [Creature Transcend], the value of the awakened passive skill actually increases. When you transformed creature’s passive skill, the level that was increased by the transcendence will remains the same.


      ※ For Mythic Rank Nephone Creature, even when the 3rd sub-passive level is not maxed out, it is possible to be transcended If the basic sub-passive skill level reaches maximum skill level.




       - After [Creature Transcend], when the rank increases through creature upgrade, the transcendence enhancement level decreases as follows. 


      ※  When the transcendence enhancement level decreases due to the creature upgrade, the maximum level of the Nephone creature will also decrease including the level that was raised after the transcendence.

      Ex) When upgrading Fantasy Creature to Legendary Rank Creatures that have been Transcended to 3 level (96 level), the Transcendence level will be decreased to 0 with 90 maximum level.




      - if you transcended creature and upgraded creature to higher rank, Transcendence will no longer be available or decreased for that creature. 

       - if you transcended creature and upgraded creature to higher rank, Transcendence will no longer be available or decreased for that creature
      ※ After [Transcendence], when upgrading (leveling up) a creature, the main passive skill cannot be converted and leveled up further, so transcendence will be no longer available
       Ex) If the Fantasy Rank Creature upgraded to Legendary rank creature that has been transcended to 5 level , it can only be transcended up to 2 level


      3. New Magic Stone and New Magic Stone System
      - New Magic Stone Color
      - Implemented purple color magic stone that can be equipped on the new purple color socket.
       : Purple magic stone cannot be equipped to the previous socket color.
       : Magic stone other than purple magic stone cannot be equipped on the purple color socket.

      - Purple Magic Stone can only be acquired through [Magic Stone Fusion]
      : Purple Magic Stone cannot be obtained through [Magic Stone Synthesis Box] and [Costume Dismantle] 
      : The effects of purple magic stones are listed below

      - List of New Purple Magic Stone [New] - 

      ※ Fixed Physical limit damage amplification effect works out as same as the purity 5 set effect
       : If the same effect exists, [Physical Fixed Limit Damage Amplification] is added together.
       : [Physical fixed limit damage amplification] is applied as shown in the following example.

      [Disassemblling Magic Stone]
      - The [Disassemble Magic Stone] is a new system, which allows you to obtain [Magic Powder] items by disassembling your magic stones.
      - You can click the disassemble [button] at the bottom of Costume UI to proceed with [Disassemble Magic Stone].

      - [Magic Power] obtained through [Disassemble Magic Stone and it can be used on the [Magic Stone Fusion]

       - When you [Dismantling Magic Stone], the amount of [Magic Powder] obtained varies depending on the class of Magic Stones.

      [Magic Stone Fusion]

      ※ The magic stones created through [Magic Stone Fusion] are random.

      [Changing Costume Socket Color]

      Lock function for Magic Stone 
      - The Lock function for Magic Stone has been added, which allows you to set [Lock] by right-clicking.
       : Locked [Magic Stone] items can be installed in the socket.
       : Locked [Magic Stone] items are not registered during [Auto Registration] of the [Disassemble Magic Stone] function.
       : Locked [Magic Stone] items cannot be destroyed/disassembled.
       : The [Magic Stone] item extracted from the socket is acquired in the inventory in an unlocked state.

      Extraction Tongs for Dual Magic Stone
      - Golden Magic Stone Extraction Tongs is used for dual magic stone extraction. 
      - The Golden Magic Stone Extraction Tongs are used in a same way as the previous extraction tongs. 
      - When you have both [Magic Stone Extraction Tongs] and [Golden Magic Stone Extraction Tongs] and try to extract low ~ ultimate class magic stone, [Magic Stone Extraction Tongs] will be used prior to  [Golden Magic Stone Extraction Tongs]
      - Golden Magic Stone Extraction Tongs will be available later on with the notice

      4. Introducing Weekly Suppression Boss Contents and improvement in Suppression System

      [Improvements in Suppression Contents and UI]
      - Among the suppression contents, daily suppression and weekly suppression have been separated and it will provide different types of reward for each suppression.
      - The new integrated suppression UI will allow players to participate in suppression at any time and anywhere that players want. 
      - Players now need to access and start suppression from the new suppression UI and from NPC [Suppress Knight] at Adventurer Association Bar (32,64).

      [Details on the improvement in the suppression and rewards]
      - Changes will be made to check the entrance ticket when entering the suppression, but the actual number of entrance tickets will be consumed when receiving the reward.
      - There will be no limits on the number of resurrections during the suppression
      - Daily Suppression reset every day at 00:00 (in-game time), and the weekly suppression reset every Monday at 00:00 (in-game time).
      ※ Character level must be above 800 level in order to enter the Suppression
      ※ Gerio/Surag title will remain the same as before
      ※ Weekly Suppression [Falcon] will be released later in the update.

      [Suppression Boss Ring and Changing Option]
      - players can now obtain [Suppression Boss Ring] by completing [Astaroth, Surag, Gerio] Suppression.
      - [Suppression Boss Ring] can be equipped on the right side of the rebirth ring slot.
      - There is the possibility that a unique option may appear on 1st option when the players change the option of the [Suppression Boss Ring].

      - When the [Suppression Boss Ring] is first obtained, the 3 options will be applied initially and options can be changed a maximum of 3 times by using the exclusive material of each ring.
      - Players can change the option of the [Suppression Boss ring] through Suppress Knight NPC at High Brunenstig Adventurer Association Bar (32, 64)

      [List of Options for Each Suppression Boss Ring]

      ※ Options in bold letters are unique options that only appear in the first option
       - If the players disassemble [Suppression Boss Ring], players can obtain exclusive material of each ring

       - [List of Exclusive Materials of Each Suppression Boss]

      - The maximum attempt for changing option 3 requires the following materials that are listed below

      5. Dimension Hub New Sector [Sector 5] and adjusted entrance level for previous sectors

      - Dimension hub sector 5 with the entrance level 1300 ~ 1399 is now available.
      - The clear reward for sector 5 is [16.3 billion EXP], [100% Ether Machina], and [Multi Dimensional Crystal x 16].
       : When enhancing exp rewards through the multidimensional crystal, you can receive 1.25 times higher rewards.
      - Sector 5 can be entered through the same as other sectors [Adventurer Association Bar] NPC "Elwood" 
      - The entrance level of [Dimension Hub Sector 4 - Spectral Valley] adjusted from [1200 ~ 1250] to [1200 ~ 1299]

      - The reward experience points and [Multidimensional Decisions] of the added Dimension Hub are as follows.

       - If you consume 80 [Multidimensional Crystals] to enhance the exp reward, the exp gained and Ether Machina (100%) will increase.

      - with the same % as the other sectors, the special monster will appear with a 0.5% chance which gives you an additional reward

      6. Improvement in Yatikanu field hunting efficiency

      Reallocate the location of the monster spawn and increase the number of monsters to improve the efficiency of hunting in Yatikanu Field
      - The number of monsters in all Yatikanu fields has increased to a maximum of 52%
      - Monsters that were spread all around the Yatikanu fields are reallocated as a group and stacked together for easier hunting

      7. Increase in stacks for some consumable items 

      -Maximum stack of items will be increased from 100 ~ 255 to 999.
      > A list of target items for stack improvement will be added step by step later on

      Please be advised, thank you.
      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online.