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      [Patchnote, Revised] Major Update Preview

      Hello Adventurer! We are glad that we can share the information on our major update. 

      ※ Please understand that the updated contents can be changed or adjusted during the test and development process.
      ※ Detailed description of the updated contents will be posted later on the updated date.

      1. Mythic Rank Nephone Creature

      To expand the ways for adventurers to increase their specs, we’ve implemented mythical creatures rank creatures and a transcendence system. Each mythic rank creature has its own unique skills with the 3 sub-passive skills which are far superior to current legendary rank creatures. We are expecting these creatures to be a good turning point for high-spec players.

                                                              [Mythic Rank Creatures]

      2. Nephone Creature Transcendence System

      The main feature of the Nephone creature transcendence system is to use the same type and rank of creature to enhance the maximum level and the passive skill. The primary purpose of developing this system was to utilize the leftover creatures that were owned already to provide some opportunity to make your character stronger.

      3. New System for Magic Stone

      By disassembling the Magic stone, players will be able to receive powders of the magic stone. These magic powders are used for creating random magic stones. Please note that this system is a completely different system compared to previous magic stone synthesis and with the new system, we believe that this new system allows players to obtain any Low ~ Ultimate class magic stones including a new purple color magic stone.

      We also implemented purple magic stones so that players can try various settings by adding a number of new options. In addition to that, the new system allows you to equip more magic stones of the desired color by changing the color of the costume's magic stone socket with magic stone magic powders. our goal is to provide you with the opportunity to set the options you want depending on the direction of character development. Additionally, there will be an extraction tong item available for dual magic stone extraction later on, which many adventurers have left as feedback. 

      4. Champion Balance Patch

      The Champion balance patch will Adjust the overall balance of the champion that hasn't received a patch for a while. The main objective of this balance patch is to improve the overall structure of some skills and to ease the buff activation requirement. We are expecting these changes boost the overall performance of a champion.
      Please take a look at the summary of the champion balance patched below.

      [Improved Buff Activation Condition]
      - All the buff skills that were categorized into Bulls, Hawk, Bear, Snake, and Puma will be integrated into one skill. It allows you to choose one of the buff types that you wish to use

      [Skill Structural Change and performance improvement]
      - [Reflection], which counterattacked magic attacks, and [Change Crisis], which increased the accuracy when receiving physical attacks, each skill will be adjusted as magic and physical attack avoidance skills, to increase the viability
      - [Shield Breaking] skill, has the option to increase blocking chance, ignore probability, and lower block rate.  skill is now adjusted and will have a blocking ignore probability increase of up to 100%.

      [Awakening Skill Improvement]
      - Stylish Attacker: The activation requirement of [Secret Book Decipher] has been removed
      which makes overall game play inconvenient. To improve convenience feature, the cool-down of [Final Bullet] is removed to improve combat convenience.

      - Rage Assailant: Based on physical smash damage, the concept is changed to firing a large amount of fighting spirit along with the alter ego. By adding a passive that increases the smash chance and limits damage, we believe that difficulty of setting will be easier for the players.

      - Absorber of Totemism: Adjusted the passive activation conditions of [Trinity], which was difficult to activate. As the hybrid concept, additional option effects of wind and magic attributes options will be increased, depending on the physics option values.

      5. Dimension Hub Expansion
      As many of the players suggested, many players were having difficulty raising their level after the 1250 level, we decided to expand the dimension hub. The entrance level of the previous sector-4 has adjusted to level 1299, and there will be a sector-5 area for 1300~1399 level adventurers. 

      6. Yatikanu Field Hunting Efficiency Improvement
      In the same context as the Dimension Hub expansion, we also decided to improve Yatikanu Field, which has relatively low hunting efficiency, by increasing the density and number of monsters. With this improvement players will be able to receive about 50~70% more Exp.

      7. Other Update Contents

      There will be an increase of some item stacks as well from 100 ~ 255 to 999 to improve convenience and inventory utilization. We hope this gives chance to secure more inventory spots that taking up extra space due to the large quantity.

      We have checked all the major contents that would be updated, we will try our best to bring more update content and a variety of events to satisfy our global adventurers!

      Thank you.
      Best Regards,
      Red Stone Online