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      [Event] Uposmeyer Update Hunting Event

      Hello Adventurers!

      We have prepared Hunting Event! For more details please check out the below!

      1. [Hunting Event]

      2023/09/20 After Maintenance ~ 2023/10/25 Before Maintenance

      - Event Token [Hunter's Mark] drops when you hunt the monster during the period.
      - (It can only be obtained from monsters that are -100 level or higher than the character level)
      - Event Token [Hunter's Mark] can be traded with event rewards from the Event shop that is located right-left to the minimap.

      2. Attendance Check

      2023/09/20 After Maintenance ~ 2023/10/25 Before Maintenance 
      - Attendance Check Event will be available for 28 days during the Event Period.

      Please be advised, thank you.
      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online.