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      [Patch Note] Uposmeyer Update Patch Note

      Hello Adventurer! We are so glad that we can present patch notes for the new high-level field "Uposmeyer" 
      Below are the details on the patch note

      1. Uposmeyer Field [New]

      -Added 4 Uposmeyer fields and the secret dungeon added near the [Lacalifusa] village.
      - [New Uposmeyer Fields] are now available on the guide ui [1201 Level ~] under the hunting ground section.
      - [Uposmeyer Field Entrance Quest] is now available on the guide ui [1201 Level ~] under the quest section.
      - [Uposmeyer Secret Dungeon] is now available on the guide ui [1201 Level ~] under the secret dungeon section.

      ■ Uposmeyer Field Guide

      ■ Uposmeiter Field Enhancement Material
      - You can obtain [Refined Deep Green Stone] by completing the [Uposmeyer Secret Dungeon] and Uposmeyer field repetitive quest.
      - [Refined Deep Green Stone] is used for Uposmeyer support weapon enhancement.

      - Uposmeyer Health Bar Coupon
      You can obtain a Uposmeyer health bar coupon as a reward only once if you manage to complete Uposmeyer secret dungeon within 7 minutes

      2. Uposmeyer New Sub Quest
      - you can only receive a quest if you completed the sub-quest [Second Journey] and your character level is 1350 level or higher
      - You can receive a new sub-quest from the NPC 'Expedition Teleporter' at High Brunenstig
      - All new sub-quest open sequentially

      ■ Uposmeyer New Scenario Sub Quest Guide

      ※ The new sub-quest are normal quests and it cannot be canceled during the progression

      Uposmeyer Repetitive Quest Guide

      5. Uposmeyer Support Weapon Guide
      - The new Uposmeyer exclusive support weapon can be enhanced by completing the Uposmeyer field quest.
      - It requires Uposmeyer exclusive enhancement system for upgrade.

      ■ Uposmeyer Support Weapon Guide

      6. Uposmeyer Support Weapon Smelting Guide
      - It can be smelted up to 30 levels, there are no limits to changing the option

      [Scroll of Option Alteration] Options list

      [Scroll of Option Alteration (Pet, Summoned Pets) options list]

      Please be advised, thank you.
      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online.