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      [Notice - Maintenance for Changing L&K Service

      *Maintenance for changing L&K Service*

      Hey guys this is B.


      We are going to have a maintenance on 21st of December.

      Starts on Thursday Morning with KR Time


      *(12/21/10:00 ~ 12/21/16:00 – KR TIME)
      *(12/20/16:00 ~ 12/20/23:00 – PST, Ingame Time)


      After finish Maintenance, 
      -Steam users have to transfer their account with using our website (

      Read the notice from our website.


      -GnG Members who have not done the transfer process yet, please do that right away.


      [To do list after maintenance]
      *Steam Member
      1. Go to

      2. Check the steam member and login with Steam account.

      3. Agree the agreement.

      4. Transfer DONE

      5. Check if steam client is doing automatic patch


      *GnG Member (Who has already done transfer process)
      1. Go to

      2. Download the manual patch file from Download Tab

      3. Install Manual Patch file that you download

      4. When you try to login with the client after doing patch, you should put your new password that you set from our website. (If you set your password same as before, doesn’t matter)


      And Last, during the maintenance, you cannot charge the points!

      Please refer to this and if there is any problem, leave messages!!


      Thanks guys