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      [Event] Korean Thanksgiving Day Event

      Hello, Adventurers!
      Here are the detailed information for our Korean Thanks giving day Event

      1. [Persimmon Bingo Event]

      2023/08/16 After Maintenance ~ 2023/09/20 Before Maintenance 

      - During the event period, Adventurers can obtain 'Tasty Persimmon' by hunting the monsters
       > Can only be obtained from monsters whose level is -100 or higher than the player. (-200 or higher for 1600 level or  above)
      - Event Items can be found at the event store Icon that is located right next to the mini map

      ※ 'Tasty Persimmon' can be obtained 100 per week, and it resets every Monday at 00:00 (n-game server time) 
      ※ If the player doesn't have enough inventory space, 'Tasty Persimmon' will be dropped to the floor.
      - When you clicked the [Open Bingo] Button, it will allow you to open the Bingo tile by consuming 2 "Tasty Persimmon'. Open a bingo and claim a reward!
      - The Bingo Tile opened randomly, and the reward corresponding to that column will be given automatically to the inventory
      - The location of the reward item will be reset randomly if the player presses the [Renew Bingo Board] button.
      - Depending on the number that you renew your bingo board, you can receive rewards accordingly. 

      ※ The rewards that you get by completing Bingo Board do not reset even when you press [Renew Bingo Board] 
      ※ You can only use the [Renew Bingo Board] button once you completed(filled all the bingo boards)

      [Reward List for Each Bingo Tile]

      [Reward List of Bingo Line]

      [Reward List of Bingo Renew]

      2. [Korean Thanksgiving Gift Event]

      2023/08/16 After Maintenance ~ 2023/09/20 Before Maintenance 

      - Korean Thanksgiving Gift Badge can be obtained from the Attendance Check event every day.
      - Please note that Korean Thanksgiving Gift Badge only lasts for 2 hours after you obtained it

      ※ The effect of the Thanksgiving Badge overlaps with [Rookie Badge]
      ※ However, it does not overlap with Expansion Exp Badge
      ※ Thanksgiving Badge does not include in the badge count restriction. 

      3. [Rabbitoh's Magic Pestle Event]

      2023/08/16 After Maintenance ~ 2023/09/20 Before Maintenance 
      - The image of Red Stone Energy will changed to Rabbitohs Pounding stone mortar.
      ※ The Cool-time of Red Stone Energy will be reduced from 8 min -> 5 min

      - You can obtain ‘Magic Pestle’ with a 100% chance when opening the Red Stone Energy
      ※ 'Magic Pestle' will be put into your inventory directly as soon as you obtained it.
      ※ with 'Magic Pestle' you can exchange with 'Injeolmi', 'Pestle', and 'Stone Mortar'. 

      - These 3 materials can be used in the [Synthesize] tab to synthesize a reward item.

      [Synthesis Required Materials and Reward List]

      4. [Attendence Check Event]
      2023/08/17 After Maintenance ~ 2023/09/20 Before Maintenance 

      - Attendance Check Event will be available for 28 days during the Event Period.

      Please be advised, thank you.
      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online.