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      [Event] Rookie Growth Event

      Hello Adventurers!

      To provide better game play experience for returners and new players, we have prepared a Rookie Growth Event for you adventurers! For more details please check out the below!

      1. [Rookie Growth Event]

      2023/08/16 After Maintenance ~ 2023/09/20 Before Maintenance

      [Event Details]
      Requirements for event participation: Below 600 Level + 0 Reborn Character
      -You can participate an event through NPC Agent Delan.

      ※ After you heard guide on the Rookie Growth Event from NPC 'Agent Delan' [High Brunenstig, 88, 108] She will immediately jump your character to 600 Level. 

      - Whenever the conditions are met, you can receive rewards through NPC ‘Agent Delan ( High Brunenstig 88, 107)’.
      - Please note that the rewards should be received in order.
      - While you are receiving the rewards, you will be given some explanation on the contents and will be move to the following location for the contents experience.
      - During the event period, if you have your 'Rookie Badge’, you can reset your skills and stats at any time through the 'NPC Agent Darlene'

      ※ All [trial] items have an expiration date and it can be only used for certain items during the event period.
      ※ you can only participate event 1 character per account 
      ※ once you decided charter to participate the event, please note that it cannot be reverted even when you deleted that character.

      Rewards for Each Section
      - You can only use [Trial] items for the weapons that you obtained from the Level 10 Smelting 800DX Weapon Selection Coupon 

      ※ Regarding Attack Speed Prefix, some of the weapons were initially set as "Warrior" as a maximum attack speed prefix value. 
      ※ Please be aware that Gold Magic Book of Amplification [Trial] cannot be used to amplify 
      Warrior -> Tenacious prefix for the following weapon type.

      - Sling
      - Combat Weapon (Monk)
      - Broomsticks
      - Whip
      - Bow
      - Flute
      - Wing
      - Dual Pistols

      ■ 800 UDX Weapon Selection Ticket Information

      [List of Items for +10 UDX Weapon Selection Ticket]

      ■ New, Returning Player Supporting Event

      - Event Target: Player with [Rookie Badge]
      - During the event period, you will have a chance to obtain a "Rookie Coin" when hunting monsters that are -100 levels or higher than your current level. Event coins will be directly obtained to your inventory. 
      - You can only obtain 100 [Rookie Coin] per week.
      ※Weekly drop limit for [Strange Fragment] is 100. The weekly drop limit resets every Monday at 00:00

      ※ If you don’t have enough space in your inventory, [Rookie Coin] will be dropped on the floor.

      [Event Store]
      - Event Token [Rookie Coin] can be traded with event rewards from the Event shop that is located right-left to the minimap.

      [Fantasy Creature Coupon]
       - You can select one of the three creatures listed below.

      Please be advised, thank you.
      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online.