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      [Notice] Elite Suppression (Yati Raid) Bug Compensation

      Hello Adventurers! After the update in July, there was a major bug issue that block players from starting Yati Raid.

      For those players who missed their chance to play Elite Suppression, we would like to provide a small compensation. Details on the compensation are listed below.

      [Compensation Target]
      1. Players with Level 1250 or above
      2. Players who log-in, but do not have Elite Suppression clear record during the following date.
      2023/07/19 16:30 ~ 2023/07/22 23:59

      1. Elite Suppression War Trophy Box x2
      2. Tabiakut's Fragment x1

      ※ Please empty at least 2 of your inventory space in order to receive compensation.

      We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, we will try our best to provide better service.

      Best Regards
      Red Stone Online