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      [Maintenance, Completed Earlier] Temporary Server Maintenance (July 20)

      Hello, Adventurers!

      A Temporary Server Maintenance will be held during the following time.
      The maintenance will last for 1 hour and 30 min

      - (Game) 2023/07/20 18:00 ~ 2023/07/20 19:30 (in-game time, UTC-8)

      - Fix the Red Stone Energy Buff issue (applied as 5%, not 500%)
      - Fix the Disappearance of Magic Stone Boxes from Shining Magic Stone Box
       > Highest Rank Magic Stone Box
       > Middle-grade Magic Stone Box
       > Highest Rank Magic Stone Box

      ※ Very Important notice regarding those 3 Magic Box (Please Read, if you already obtained, and used those magic boxes)

      - If you already obtained those boxes, but have not used them yet, please use them all and make them disappear and we will restore it (Data is already corrupted, it cannot be used)
      - If you already used it, please don't worry, we will restore it after maintenance thoroughly

      ※ Restoration will be done thoroughly, please understand that it may take a few days for the restoration.

      [Restoration Target]
      Players who obtained used 3 Magic stone boxes that were listed above during the following date
       - After the update [2023/07/19 23:30]  ~ Before Temporary Maintenance [2023/07/20 18:00]

      We apologize for the sudden temporary maintenance and ask for your understanding on the matter.

      You will not be able to access Red Stone Online during the maintenance.
      Please be advised, Thank you.

      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online