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      [Known Issue, Added] Some Known Issue related to Updated Contents
      Hello Adventurer! 

      ※ We want to provide quick guidelines on the issue that is occurring after the update, so please note there will be some bugs and issues that adventurers may experience.

      - Bug issues Related to updated contents are listed below.

      2. An issue that the Enhanced Magic transcendence book effect is applied to the tamed pets

      - Fixed Issue
      1. An issue that the Red Stone Energy buff increase applied only 5% 
      2. Some of the Magic Stone boxes from the Shinuing Magic Stone box disappear (with the Boom! Message) right after the use
       > High-grade Magic Stone Box
       > Middle-grade Magic Stone Box
       > Highest Rank Magic Stone Box
      1. An issue is that Awaken unique transcendence book effect is not applied to the tamed pets.
      3. An issue where information (pop-up message) related to Dimension Hub Exp reward enhancement is not displayed
      4. An issue where the information (pop-up message) does not display even when the dimensional crystal for the EXP Reward enhancement is insufficient
      5. An issue where the precaution pop-up message does not contain any contents when using Grinding Slot Option Converter [Association]
      6. An issue that the 'Dual Magic Stone Magic Smash % and Magic Smash' item name (at the end) does not displayed correctly (mixed with random letters and numbers)
      7. New premium fields are not displayed in the in-game guide UI 
       > Please note that players still able to access new premium fields through NPC premium teleporter at Adventurer Association Bar
      8. Summoner Awakening 'Sea and Earth's sub skill [Water Drop Force] pre required skill issue
       > prerequisite skill for [Water Drop Force] may displayed as [Earth Collapse]. even though it's not correct, please note that players are still able to learn [Water Drop Force] and can be used without any issue. If you used  your skill point to master another skill, we advised you to use our free skill event during the event period.

      - Major Issues
      1. An issue where the players are not able to start Elite Suppression (Yati Raid)

      ※ We will try to fix this issue as soon as possible
      2. An issue that the players are able to receive Uposmeiyer quest [EX: Beyond the Swamp].
      ※ This content is future update content, so please, do not proceed with the quest.

      ※ We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We will do our best to solve these issues as fast as possible.

      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online