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      [Patch Note] Grow Update Patch Note

      Hello Adventurer! We are glad that we can present information on the Grow update. 

      For more details, please take a look at the patch notes that are listed below.

      1. Tamer Rework (Balance adjustment)

      - Various skills for training and managing pets are now integrated.
      - The Pet stats increase (Power), Pet skill level increase (Knowledge) that were previously applied based on the tamer's power and knowledge stats are now applied as a sum of the values (Power + Knowledge). With this change,  all stats will have the same effects (Additionally added). 
      - Improved the battle convenience by adding skills that hit the target range without selecting a target. 
      - Added skill that allows moving pets to the desired location so that it can be moved freely
      - Added skill that allows attack together with tamer by reacting to tamer's attack skills.
      - Organized and added the passive/ active awakening skills so that it can be utilized in a better way. 
      - Removed ability restriction of pet that is applied as loyalty and exp (after taming) and improved it can be used instantly.

      [Tamer Item Option Change]
      - All the items with the [Tamed Pet Exp gained increased] option will be changed to the [Dark Attribute resistance of the target weakened] option. If it's a grinding slot option, then it will be changed to the [(Summoned, Tamed Pet) All Stats Increased] option.

      - Level, Exp of the tamed pet will be disappeared. All the item related to the [Exp option] will be chaeged to [Stats increased Option] 

      [Tamed Pet Change]
      - When the player tames a pet, one of the types and colors will be selected as a representative pet. 
      - Only 1 tamed pet in each space in storage can be summoned 
      - When taming, the level of tamed pets will be set equal to the tamer's level, Loyalty/ Movement speed will be applied at a maximum rate at any time.
      : The pet level change is only affected by the tamer's skill [Praise] and [Countless Compliements]
      -The accuracy of the tamed pet's magic skill is determined b the tamed pet's charisma skill
      -If the tamer is affected by the blessing, the tamed pet will be also affected.
      -Tamer's Resistance against stat decrease of the field and the other decrease resistance is also applied same to the tamed pet.
      -The transcendence book listed below will now affect the tamed pet
      : [Physical Smash] [Magic Smash] [Enhanced Magic] [Awakening] [Adaptability] [Tolerance] [Wedge] [Magic Amplification]
      -Tamed pets will now have base skills and active skills that active with the certain chance
      - the default activation change is 10%, but the % differs depending on the tamer's stats and the skill

      [changes to Tamer/Summoner transformation rule]
      -When transforming from a tamer to a summoner, the summoning of the tamer's pet will be canceled.
      -If the tamer rebirth (Skill/Stat reset) or awakened to (Warm Shepherd) all the summoned pets will be canceled.

      [Tamer Breeding Record Change]
      - Tamed Pets can be trained and managed through the [Breeding Record] Skill
      - The [Breeding Record] skill is changed so that it does not cause damage to the target, and the accuracy affects the taming probability.
      - If you trained a pet with the changed [Breeding Record] skill, it will be moved to the [Taming Archives].
      : You can check the Breeding [Taming Archives] by opening the [Character Information Window (Shortcut Key F2)] and pressing the [Open Storage Box] button: You can summon the tamed pet by double-clicking the tamed pet on the [Taming Archives]. With a right click, you can select the [Summon] [Break Up] menu.
      : It is possible to move previous Breeding records to the new [Taming Archives], it is not allowed to move inventory again.
      - Cool-time will not be applied to Summon/exchange tamed pets from the [Taming Archives]
      : It cannot be replaced during battle and can be replaced/summoned Once the battle is over.
      -If the archive is full, you can tame it even if you use the [Breeding Record] skill
      -You can change the name of a tamed pet when it is in [no name] state.
      : If you wish to reset the name you need to use the [Pet name changer] item to change into the [no name] state 
      : Names that can be given can be up to a maximum of 10 English characters.
      -The pet will be disappeared from the [Taming Archives] once you break up with the pet
      : you cannot break up, when the pet is summoned

      2. Summoner Balance Adjustment
      - The options of summoned pet stats affected by the player have been changed as follows
      : Status Condition Resistance % will be applied the same as the player
      : The options that only apply to summoned pets objectively may remain the same

      - Cooltime for resummoning has been removed, and it is now possible to resummon at any time.
      - The following prefixes that were not applied to summoned pets are now can be applied to summoned pets [Patience], [perseverance]
      - The following transcendence books effect are now can be applied to summoned pets.
      [Magic Smash], [Enhanced Magic], [Awakening], [Adaptability]. [Amplified Magic], [Absorb Magic], [Area Expansion], [Expand Vision]
      - Windy, Kelbi, and Hedger's base attack is changed from [Physical + Magic] to pure [Magic] damage.
      - Blessing effect is also now applied to summoned pets

      ■ Summoner Transcendence Skill Change

      ■ Summoner Item Option change: 
      - All the items with the (Pet Attack +%) option will be changed to [Summoned Pet's Magic Attack] 
      - The items that have both [Pet Attack +%] [Tamed Pet Attack +%] options will be combined and changed into the [(Summoned Pets, Tamed Pets) Attack +%] option

      ■ Summoner UI Change
      - Added A status Information UI dedicated to Summoned Pet.
      - Depending on the type of summoned pets, wisdom, charisma stats will be displayed. Detail figures such as, Crticial Hit activation chance/ Smash/ Damage Increase / Weakened resistance will also be disaplyed. 

      ■ Other Changes
      - Improved the inconvenience of displaying an information window saying that the summoner cannot use the consumable item on the summoner himself.
      - Improved convinience of [Riding Dog] state: Kelbi is now can’t be cliked during the [Riding Dog] State
      - If you ride an attackable carpet in [Riding Dog] state, you will ride with Kelby. If you are riding a carpet that cannot be attacked, you get off the Kelby and board it, and when the carpet is released, you get back on the Kelby. 

      3. Added Enhancement system for Association Equipment

      [Association Equipment Improvements]
      - It is now possible to attach the same type of [Association] prefix to the equipment as same as [Dimension] prefix.
      : [Assocation] Prefix can only be removed through [Association] Magic Book Of Destruction II]
        : [Association] Magic Book of Destruction can no longer be purchased, and it cannot be used
      : Previously purchased [Association] Magic Book of Destruction can be refunded to an adventure coin through coin merchant Oberon.
      - Another World Enhancement is now available for the Association equipment
      - Added Exclusive Enhancement System for Association Equipment

      [Grinding: NX]
      - Association grinding only opens up the first slot, and there is no chance of item destruction.
      - When selling equipment that has been fully grinded, the cost of grinding which is ‘Adventurer Coin x 10’ will be refunded along with the equipment exchange cost.
      - All association items except rings and support weapons can be grinded.

      [Grinding Slot Reprocess ]
      - When the Association Grinding Slot Reprocess toolbox is used, it will reprocess to 4 grinding slots. 

      [Grinding Slot Options Open]
      - For the association equipment, the success rate for opening up the Grinding Slot Option is 100% and
       it does not reset the Grinding Slot Option
      - When resetting the Grinding Slot Option of Association Equipment, it can be reset with Polishing Removal Solution.

      [Grinding Slot Option Conversion]
      - Grinding Slot Option of the Association Equipment can be converted with (Grinding Slot Option Converter) [Association] 

      [Magic Injection, Design Book]
      - Added 2 types of Design Books 'One who is Fierce' 'One who is Delicate'. These design books can be used for Magic Injection for Association Equipment
      - Association Magic Injection has different rates of success/failure depending on the level of Magic Injection and the set effect will be varied on the number of the item that has been magically injected
      -[Association] Design Book 5 Set Effect: Resistance against stat decrease of the field increased by 7%
      - In the case of fire-fixed damage, it ignores enemy attribute resistance. it is pure fixed damage that does not affect and apply by knowledge correction or magic damage-related options.
       ※ This effect does not activate during the PvP state, and only apply 10% of its effect to boss monster

      ■ Adventure Coin Store Improvment
      - Improved the list of item that can be exchanged through High Brunenstig Adventure Coin Merchant Pale

      ■ Association Daily Quest Reward Improvement 
      -  To facilitate the Association Equipment Enhancement, Increased the number of Adventure Coin for daily Association reward

      4. Dimension Hub Expansion and Improvement

      Added Dimenstion Hub 0-Area (800 Level)
      - Added Dimension Hub Sector 0- Desolate Valley. Available from 800 ~ 899 Level
      - Dimension Hub Sectoer 0- Desolate Valley Clear Reward: 10% (15 billion EXP) of Ether Machina (Max 150 billion).
      - Dimension Hub can be entered through ‘Adventurer Association Bar’ NPC ‘Elwood’ (same as before)

      - Integrated Main Objective and Secondary Objective objective of the Dimension Hub.

      - Completion Reward, including new areas are listed below

      - Special monsters will appear with the same change (0.5%) as before, and additional rewards can be obtained if the elimination is successful.

      5. Premimum Field Improvement and Additional Another-World Monster
      ■ Premimum Field Efficiency Improvment
      Premium Field Efficiency Improvement

      - Added new another world monster to the premium field where another world monster does not exist previously
      - Premium Teleporter (52,47) who transfers the player to the premium field will be added to the Brunenstig  Branch of Adventurer Association
      - To access the premium field, the player needs Portal Gem, Portal Orb, and Portal Sphere item type.
      - Updated new premium field can be found on the guide system with the recommendation heading.
      ■ New Dimensional Monsters Added 
      - A new ‘Dimensional Monster’ is added to the 16 premium fields that will be improved/added.
      - There is a low chance of obtaining ‘Odd Jar’ or ‘Eccentric Jar’ when defeating another world monsters, and also monsters with powerful other world powers may appear.

      6. Returner Quest Reward Improvement

      Increased the Returning Character (RT) quest reward and some changes in the item
      - Increased the number of adventure coins for a returner quest reward
      - Some item has been replaced to more valuable item

      7. Added Knock Out Sign
       Added an overhead display to make it easier to recognize the [Knockout] effect that occurs randomly when hit by a physical attack
      - When a [Knockout] occurs, Players may become stunned and interrupt with their actions, skill casting, and movement.

      Please be advised
      Best Regards,
      Red Stone Online