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      [Update Preview] Major Update Preview
      Hello Adventurer! 

      We are glad that we can present information on the major update.

      ※ Please understand that updated contents can be changed or adjusted during the test and development.
      ※ Detail description of the updated contents will be posted later on the updated date.

      1. Tamer/Summoner Rework and Balance Adjustment

      Despite the summoner balance patch in March 2019 and the tamer balance patch in July 2020, We had to acknowledge that we need further adjustments on both the tamer and summoner. In fact, due to structural limitations, improvement was only applied to the partial part.

      With this update, we are expecting major improvements in the Tamer/Summoner's fundamental structure and character performance.

      Not only performance, but we also made some changes to the convenience aspect of the tamer/summoner that fits well with the character concept. The first thing that we would like to emphasize is the shifting targeting-oriented primary skill to a range skill for better elimination against multiple targets. The second thing is that we have applied is the adding role to the tamer/summoner character itself so that the character can participate in combat with their summoned and tamed pets.

      Furthermore, the transcendence, blessing, and Resistance against stat decrease of the field effect that does not apply previously to tamed pets, and summoned pets will be applied. We believe that these changes will reduce the inequality gap in setting the gear compared to other classes.

      2. Dimension Hub Expansion and Improvement

      To ease the difficulty of leveling between 800 ~ and 900 level, we have expanded the Dimension Hub to 800 level. We put some restrictions on the amount of Ether Machina buff of 800-level to prevent growth acceleration. However, Dimension hub, The completion reward of the 800-Level Dimension hub remains high enough to provide Exp that can raise 30 levels or higher from the 800 level. 

      We also added the 'EXP Reward Enhancement system' which increases the Exp reward of completing the dimension hub. This'EXP Reward Enhancement' can be applied by activating its option that requires Multi-Dimensional Crystal. In addition, the difficulty of reaching level 1250 is slightly alleviated through the new system that enhances the experience of clearing the Dimension Hub.

      3. Enhancement System for Boost Growth Support Equipment (Association) and more options for early game spending (Adventure Coins, Dimensional Crystal)

      Previously, we have introduced Boost Growth Support Equipments to New/Returning adventurers for better gameplay in the early state of the game. With the new update, It is now possible to enhance the Boost Growth Support Equipment 

      [Enhancment System]
      It includes all enhancement contents such as
       > Ex) Grinding (Nx), Conversion of Grinding Slot Option, Grinding Slot Options Opening, adding Design Book effect.
      All these enhancement materials can be purchased with Adventure Coins and Multi-Dimensional Crystal, but please remember that these enhancement materials can only be used for the Bost Growth Support Equipments.

      4. Premium Field Improvement and New Another World Monster

      For the improvement, we have added a total of 16 premium fields (150 ~ 900 Level) to the unpopular field that has low hunting efficiency. In each field, new another world monsters are placed and arranged to provide a better and faster level-up for the new or returning adventurers.

      5. Returning Character Quest Reward Improvement
      Overall rewards are improved to help returning adventurers settle. As the number of adventure team coins required increases through the improvement of association equipment, we plan to significantly increase the number of rewards and add advanced magic stone selection tickets so that Returning adventurers can set up the basic set.

      Thank you.
      Best Regards,
      Red Stone Online