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      [Event] Summer Event

      Hello, Adventurers!

      Here are the detailed information for our June Summer Event! 

      1. [Summer- Watermelon Event]

      2023/06/21 After Maintenance ~ 2023/07/26 Before Maintenance

      [Event Description]
      - During the event, “Red Stone Energy“ will be turned into “Watermelon“.
      - When opening “Watermelon”, the Player will receive “Refreshing Summer Watermelon (100%)" and "Shining Gold Watermelon (10%) "
      - Use “Refreshing Summer Watermelon" and "Shining Gold Watermelon" to exchange item on the Event Store.
      - Event Store is located on the left side of the minimap. Please click Event icon to open up the Event Store UI.
      - Event Tokens (Refreshing, Gold Watermelon) will be added automatically to the inventory if the players obtain them. 
      - Event tokens will be dropped to the floor if there isn't enough inventory space.

      [Event Item]

      [Event Store]

      2. [Summer Event 2 - Daily Frozen Watermelon Melting Event] 

      2023/06/21 After Maintenance ~ 2023/07/26 Before Maintenance

      [Event Description]
      - How to participate Event
      1. Receive 1 "Frozen Watermelon' (Per account) from the “Attendance Check”
      2. "Frozen Watermelon" will turn into "Half Melted Watermelon" after you log in for more than 1 hour.
      3. Use "Half Melted Watermelon" to exchange with the following event Items that is listed below
      ※ By just having “Frozen Watermelon” in your inventory, it boosts the hunting Exp by 100%

      ※ Once it turns into "Half Melted Watermelon" it will disappear after 1 hour. 
      So, please don't forget to exchange your reward before it disappears! 

      - Event Store Location: Left side of the minimap
      - The player cannot receive another "Frozen Watermelon" if another character in the same account already has it.

      4. [Attendance Check]

      2023/06/21 After Maintenance ~ 2023/07/26 Before Maintenance
      1) Event Details
      - Players can receive the attendance check reward when they log in during event period

      Please be advised, thank you.

      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online.