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      [Known Issue] Some Known Issue for the Updated Contents
      Hello Adventurer! 

      We found that some of the updated contents still have some bug issues.
      Bug issues on the updated contents are listed below

      1. New Sub Quest (Second Journey)
      - "!" mark that referring quest-related NPC does not appear on top of the Dispatch Member. (Fixed)
      - Awkward NPC Name of associated quest NPC.(Fixed)
      - associated monsters names incorrectly displayed "For a Stealthy Investigation"
      - one of the words in the dialogue has been cut off. "Dispatch News"(Fixed)
      - The quest completion mark "?" does not appear on top of the associated NPC "Tenacious Obstruction"

      2. New Episode Quest (Colliding Two Stars Part 3)
      - Issue where the actual number of "Holy Horn" (Quest item of "Still on Guard") does not match with the quest description. (Fixed)
      (if you have 20 holy horns in your inventory, you can still complete the quest even though the number of holy horns on the quest description remains unchanged at 0).

      - Incorrectly displayed associated field (Stop the Wagon 2) (Fixed)
      - Incorrect word in referring to NPC Abnell. (Fixed)

      We apologize inconvenience this may have caused. We will fix this issue as soon as possible

      Please be Advised
      Best Regards,
      Red Stone Online