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      [Event] Blossom Update Hunting Event

      Hello Adventurers!

      We have prepared Hunting Event!
      For more details please check out the below!

      1. [Hunting Event]

      2023/05/17 After Maintenance ~ 2023/06/21 Before Maintenance

      - Event Token [Hunter's Mark] drops when you hunt the monster during the period.
      - (It can only be obtained from monsters that are -100 level or higher than the character level)
      - Event Token [Hunter's Mark] can be traded with event rewards from the Event shop that is located right-left to the minimap.

      ※ Weekly drop limit for [Hunter's mark] is 100. The weekly drop limit resets every Monday at 00:00 (in-game server time).
      ※ Event contents are applied on an account basis.
      ※ Event Store will be available for 7 days even after the event ends
      ※ There is no purchase limit, so adventurers can freely choose to spend coins on the item that you prefer. However, please note that you can only get 100 coins per week

      [Event Store]

      Please be Advised, Thank you
      Best Regards
      RedStone Online