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      [Patch Note] Blossom Update Patch Note

      Hello Adventurer!

      We are glad that we can present Blossom Update information Please have a look

      1. Added "Abyss" difficulty to Elite Suppression

      [Details on Abyss Difficulty]
      - Required Material to enter: 1 Radiant Fairy Wing
      - 100% chance to obtain breaking the limit quest 5 item 'split evil idea'
      - 1250 ULT weapons will be additionally dropped from 'Deep Dark' and  'Abyss' difficulty.
      - 1250 ULT weapons will be dropped as [Corrupted Force Weapon Selection Chest]
      - The amount of EXP that you will gain by completing the elite suppression is listed below.
      - Abyss difficulty has a higher [Corrupted Force Weapon Selection Chest] drop rate than the Deep Dark difficulty.

      2. Added new  Health Bar for Boss UI 
      - Applied new health bar UI for the boss stage 
      - Improved visibility so that It can be easily seen.
      - Health Bar will be located on the upper side center of the screen. Please note that Health Bar cannot be moved to the other location.
      - Health Bar consisted of several lines, and the number of remaining health bar is displayed through the number. 

      3. New Episode Quest
      - New Episode Quest Requirement
       1. 1125 level or higher
       2. Prerequisite Quest: Collding Two Starts Part 2 "Shining Binary Star"  [Needs to be Comepleted]

      - New eisode quest starting from Bigefel Association Branch NPC ‘Deputy Director’
      - All New Episode Quest will be unlocked sequentially 
      ※ New Episode Quest cannot be canceled during the progression.

      4. New Sub Quests
      - New Sub Quest Requirement
      1.1350 level or higher
      2. Prerequisite Quest: "Cut the Stems" [Needs to be Completed]

      - New sub-quest starting from Galerion Campsite NPC "Dispatch Member"
      - All new sub quests will be followed in order 
      - New sub-quests are normal quest types, and it cannot be canceled during the progression.
      - New quests will be also added to guide system [1201 Level]

      Please be Advised, Thank you
      Best Regards
      RedStone Online