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      [Limited Offer] April Limited Offer



      Hello, Adventurers!

      Here are the detailed information for our April Limited Offer!

      1. [Master’s Prefix Box]

      2023/04/19 After Maintenance ~ 2023/05/24 Before Maintenance

      - Master’s Prefix Box will be available for purchase in Limited Shop.
      - Master’s Prefix Box can be purchased at 20 Points.
      - 11 Master’s Prefix Box can be purchased at 200 Points.
      - 35 Master’s Prefix Box can be purchased at 600 Points
      - You can randomly obtain 1 item from the list below when opening Master’s Prefix Box

      - Divination Tools Guide

      - What does it do?
      ※ It allows to gain enchant crystal with random prefixes, but can be attached to wider parts of the equipment compared to the previous prefix system.
      ※ Even if there is a prefix, you can use the Divination Tools to override the prefix.
      ※ If the enchantment is successful, a random order prefix is given to the corresponding equipment with the random prefix value.
      ※ If the enchantment fails, the item will be destroyed, but it can be restored by using restoring item (Ex, Anvil of Heaven)

      EX 1) Patent and Patient and Liveliness Protection of Wind Breaker
      EX 2) Magic and Become Smart and Become Smart Bracelet

      Almighty = High Success Rate
      Improved = Medium Success Rate
      Imitation = Low Success Rate



      - Synthesis Scroll of Will

       - Special Attribute Amulet Box

      2. Suit-and-Tie Costume Package

      2023/04/19 After Maintenance ~ 2023/05/24 Before Maintenance

      - Suit-and-Tie Costume Package will be available for limited time offer in Limited Shop
      - 1 Suit-and-Tie Costume Package can be purchased at 160 Points.
      - Suit-and-Tie Costume Package contains the items listed below.
      ※ You will only get 1 costume. The costume of the class by the moment when you opened up the treasure chest

      3. [RS Season Pass EXP increase]

      2023/04/19 After Maintenance ~ 2023/05/17 Before Maintenance

      - It increase RS Season Pass EXP by 10 (Each)
      - Each RS Season Pass EXP increase can purchased at 5 points

      Please be advised, thank you.
      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online.