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      [Patchnote] 1250 ULT Equipments

      Hello we are glad that we can present information on the 1250 ULT Equipments
      Here are the details, please have a look

      1. Added 1250 ULT Weapon 
      - Added 41 of Level 1250 ULT Weapons with an increase in the limit damage option
       (Including grinding, 81)
      - The 1250 Level ULT equipment only dropped from the monsters of level 1250 or higher.
      ※ you can’t not duplicate new ULT equipment.

      [1250 ULT Weapon (Total 41 Weapons, Include NX, 81)

      2. Added 1250 Level ULT Defensive Equipment.
      -  Each of new 1250 Level ULT Defensive Equipment has its unique option.
      - 1250 ULT Equipment Only Drops from the monsters that are higher than 1250 Level
      -  For more details on the options, please check out the information listed below

      Please be Advised, Thank you
      Best Regards
      RedStone Online