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      [Patchnote] Exceed Update Patch Note

      Hello Adventurer!

      We are glad that we can present information on the Exceed update
      Please check out the details and refer to these patch notes for your adventure!

      1. Added 1250 ULT Weapon 
       - Added 41 of Level 1250 ULT Weapons with an increase in the limit damage option
       (Including grinding, 81)

      2. Added 1250 ULT Defensive Equipment
      -Added 36 of Level 1250 ULT Defensive Equipment with unique options for each part.

      For more details, Please check the link (Notice) below.

      ※ Level 1250 ULT equipment only drops from level 1250 or higher monsters.

      3. Maximum Damage Limit Expansion
      - With the increasing overall stats of the adventurers, we have expanded the previous maximum damage and it is now greatly increased.
      : Expanded the maximum damage 21,474K (Before) -> 40,000K (After)

      4.  NPC Modeling Change 
      - Changed the modeling of NPC [Maestro Shana], [Maestro Seri] ,
       [Maestron Tunga], [Maestro Tanpo]

      5. [New] Grinding Slot Option Coverting System
      - Adds system that can change the previously locked Grinding Slot Option.
      - You can change your grinding slot option by using [Grinding Slot Option Converter], [Improved Grinding Slot Option Converter].
      - You will not able to use [Grinding Slot Option Converter], and [Improved Grinding Slot Option Converter], if the item doesn’t have any grinding slots opened.

      ▶ Converting Grinding Slot Option 
      - When an item becomes an Nx item for the first time, you will be able to convert the Grinding Slot Option after the appearance of the default grinding slop option of the item.

      - If some of the grinding option slots are not fully opened and try to convert the grinding slot option, converting only applies within the opened grinding slots. 

      - You can't convert the grinding slop option of the relic items
      - When converting, you can either select the (Before) option or (After) options 
      - If the client shuts down or is disconnected for some reason while you are selecting one of the options for conversion, It will automatically select the (Before) option.

      - If you convert grinding slot options and regrind your item, it will reset to the default grinding slot option of that item
      - After the conversion, if you use [Grinding Slot Reprocess Tool Box] and one of the grinding slots is locked or reopened, the option that you choose will remain still.

      [Improved Grinding Slot Option Converter] will have a 50% higher chance of getting the better option that is listed below than the normal [Grinding Slot Option Converter]

      ▶ The previous grinding slop option of some items changed to a unique option. The effect will be applied without opening grinding slots.

      - Unique Weapon

      - DX Unique Weapon

      - ULT Weapon

      6. Improvements in the contents and the reward
      We have improved major content and the rewards

      [Suppression] Rewards improvement
      -Added [Split Evil Idea] on the Suppression store
      -Can be exchanged with (Surag's Horn, Falcon's Wing Decoration, Gerio Armor Pieces).

      - Added New Rewards for the Suppression War Trophy Box 
       [New] Imitation Grinding Slot Option Converter
       [New] Faded Magic Book of Confusion

      <(New) Imitation Grinding Slot Option Converter >

      <(New) Faded Magic Book of Confusion >

      [Elite Suppression] Reward Improvement

      -Added new rewards on the Elite Suppression Store, and the number of Tabiakut's fragments required for an exchange has been decreased.
      -The number of [Tabiakut's fragment] required to exchange [Radiant Set Attribute Amulet Box] has been decreased from 8 -> 4

      ※ The Items with the purchase limit reset 1st of every month.
       - Improved Elite Suppression Wart Trophy Box.

      < Elite Suppression Wart Trophy Box Changes >

      [Earth of Confusion] Reward Improvement
       - Added (New) [Faded Magic Book Confusion] on the Confusion Shop

      [Raid] Reward, Convenience Feature Improvement
       - Improved requirements for completing the raid mission book quest.

      Added Raid Store UI
      - You can now use Raid store by having conversation through NPC Yosphina (46,42) in [Adventure Association Bar] so that adventurers can access the store outside of the raid field.
      - Total 3 shops has been added

      The percentage of getting Raid War Trophy Box has greatly increased
      - After the raid completion, all the players in the field can acquire loot with a 30% chance, 6 times (30%) the previous drop rate.

      [Red Energy Orb] Reward Improvement
      - Improved the rewards of Relic, a Cocoon Trafficker that appears after the release of Red Energy Orb 

      Relic Traffickers Reward Improvement 
       - Rewards that can be obtained with 100% by eliminating Relic Trafficker have been improved.
       - The gold reward by getting Relic Trafficker remains the same

      -Cocoon Trafficker Rewards Improvement
      : The reward that can be obtained by eliminating Cocoon Trafficker has been improved.
      : The gold reward by getting Relic Trafficker remains the same 

      < Previous Cocoon Trafficker Reward Chest >

      < Trafficker Rewards Chest after the update >

      [Treasure Chest] Reward and Display Improvement

       - Even when the [Greedy Rabbitoh] appears, you will now have a chance to get EXP and one of the other buffs from the treasure chest.



      - The treasure chest appearance notification will be displayed in the center, so that it can be recognized more easily 


      [Dimension Hub] Map structure Improvement

      We have removed some of the structures where the monsters grouped to ease the player's movement.


      - The sub monster that needed to be eliminated for the quest completion, is now spawned in the same location of the main monster to minimize the field movement.

      7. Mirror Field Some Changes, Added
      - With an adding extra mirror field to the field, some of the changes will be applied as well

      -  Expanded mirror fields are listed below

      8. Relieve restrictions on content participation for high-level characters
      - Relieved monster elimination-related content for 1500 level or higher

      ※  If the player's level is 1500 level or higher, the Guild Hall NPC will guide you quest with the changed description (Hunt -200 or Higher level Monster) 

      9. Demon, Magic Archer Skill effect change
      Changed the effect of following Skills
      - Magic Archer: Point Blank 
      - Demon: Mortal Cloud, Venom Cloud

      Please be Advised, Thank you
      Best Regards
      RedStone Online