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      [Preview] Exceed Update Preview

      Hello Adventurer! 

      We are glad that we can present information on the spring major update.

      ※ Please understand that updated contents can be changed or adjusted during the test and development.

      ※ Detail description of the updated contents will be posted later on the updated date.

      1. 1250 ULT Equipment Added
      With the last few updates, we have been making continuous improvements to expand the high-level content to motivate the global user to reach the 1250 Level. With an increasing number of level 1250+ players, we have decided that it is perfect time to introduce new 1250 Level ULT equipment.

      [1250 ULT Weapon]
      The new weapon is designed, based on the Elite Suppression Monster 'Tabiakut', it increases the maximum damage limit in proportion to your main stats (Power/Knowledge) of your character.

      [Option Example]
      - Increase damage limit by 1000 per 2000 Strength stats (Max 10,000)
      - Increase damage limit by 1% per 2000 Knowledge stats (Max 10%)
      When you equipped a new weapon with a maximum applied option and possess the Breaking the Limit (Lv.5) title, the limit damage will be increased by 28%. Simply it means that you will gain 28% more limit damage for having new weapons.

      [1250 ULT Defensive Equipment]
      The each of new Defensive equipment will have a unique option. For instance, it facilitates certain settings or transfers minor options to more powerful options.

      [Option Example]
       - Critical does not activate, smash (physic/magic) chance increase.
       - Transfer [Physical critical damage increase] -> [Double critical damage] increase]
       - Transfer [Magic Critical damage increase] -> [Magic Smash Damage increase] 
       - Nullifies the skill damages by certain chance
      -  Decreases enemy's attribute resistance when the physical damage dealt to the enemy/ Magic Damage
         decreased enemy's defense. 

      We have prepared 14 unique options like these, and we are adjusting options to provide a better experience.

      2. Maximum Damage Limit Expansion
      To provide better motivation for overall game play, especially on the leveling to the global user, we have increased the maximum damage limit.

      21,474K Damage (Before) -> 40,000K Damage (After)

      3. Content Improvement
      Players are now able to purchase breaking the limit LV 5 quest item 'Split Evil Idea' from the suppression store. For the raid relation, the requirements for the raid mission book have eased as well, players no longer have to deal damage to the specific raid monster. For the reward, we have increased the drop rate of raid loot by 6 times. There will be also changes in the dimension hub as well, some of the construct, pillars, and space were removed in order to provide a better movement flow for the player.

      [Reward Improvement]
      The new grinding slot tools and a confusion magic book have been added. These items can be obtained from the suppression and Earth of Confusion contents. Options and the value that you can obtain from these items are a bit lower and restricted compared to the previous item, but we ensured that even the low-mid players can access to the comfort gameplay by utilizing those new rewards.

      4. Monk Balance Patch

      We are aware of the monk's unusual damage and evasion rate from the adventurer's reaction. For the adjustment, we had to first internally discuss the character balance patch throughout multiple meetings. A Monk balance patch was necessary before the Tamer/Summoner rework. Therefore we had to decide to proceed with the Monk balance patch first.
      With this balance patch, the skill damage and evasion rate of the Monk in PVP will be decreased. To be precise, the current high damage is being applied abnormally due to an error that is linked to the combat system and it will be decreased by 30%. Also, evade skills activation chance, and the number of Reverie bodies will be adjusted so that we can put some restrictions on the unusual viability.

      Even after this balance patch, we are still in discussions of adjusting Monk to ensure that Monk has the right amount of damage and evasion rate compared to other characters.

      5. Mirror Field Improvement
      There will be an extra mirror field added to 18 maps, and 54 mirror fields on the mid-high level fields to provide a better environment for the players.

      6. Other improvements 
      We have prepared a few other improvements as well, including limitation removal from specific contents for 1500 level+, 4 NPC modeling rework, and Demon/Magic Archer Skill effect changes.

      We have checked all the major contents that would be updated, we will try our best to bring more update content and a variety of events to satisfy our global adventurers

      Thank you.
      Best Regards,
      Red Stone Online