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      [Sales] Hunting Event Limited Offer

      Hello, Adventurers!

      Here are the detailed information for our September Limited Offer!

      1. [Reliable Companion Box]

      2023/02/15 After Maintenance ~ 2023/03/22 Before Maintenance

      - Reliable Companion Box will be available for purchase in Limited Shop.
      - Reliable Companion Box can be purchased at 20 Points.
      - 11 Reliable Companion Box can be purchased at 200 Points.
      - 35 Reliable Companion Box can be purchased at 600 Points
      - You can randomly obtain 1 item from the list below when opening Reliable Companion Box

      2. New Permanent Point Shop Items

      - Added new permanent items to the point shop. 
      - For more details, Please check out the list below.

      [Galactic Honor Carpet]

      3. Festival Costume Package

      2022/02/15 After Maintenance ~ 2022/03/22 Before Maintenance

      - Festival Costume Package will be available for limited time offer in Limited Shop
      - 1 Festival Costume Package can be purchased at 172 Points.
      - Festival Costume Package contains the items listed below.
      ※ The costume package only contain 1 costume (not 2 costumes for both of your class).
      - You will only get 1 costume. The costume of the class by the moment when you opened up the treasure chest

      [Festival Costume Outfit for Each Class]

      Please be advised, Thank you

      Best Regards
      Red Stone Online