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      [Details of Event] 


      ★Every hour on the hour, if you shout out “Potato”, you can get the buff!

      Ex. If you shout out “Potato” between 18:00 ~ 18:10, you will get the buffs.
      (Buffs will be lasted for about 50mins)

      ★From now on, items for returners will be on sale!
      * Please be aware that those returner items are only available for returners who got RT title
      *Those items can be used for only the returners who are below 700 level 2 rebirth.
      *Ancient Portal Sphere will give Returners x3 EXP.

      ★ Christmas Skeleton Santa
      *There are Skeleton Santa Monsters at some town!
      *If you kill that Monster, Christmas Boxes will be dropped!



      ★Burning Potato Event

      *Longtime Burning Event
      - You can start the event with talking NPC on Brunenstig(81,124)
      - After talking with NPC, you can get “Mysterious Jar” & “Mysterious Essence Case”
      - Check the time when you possess those two items.
      - Essence figure in the case will be increased every 30 mins.
      - You can enhance your Jar with Essence and also exchange EXP/Gold Pouch with Essence.
      - Depends on the enhancement stage, reward value will be different (Higher stages, Higher reward value)
      - Gold Pouch can be used by the user who is over 300 level.

      *Burning Potato Rental Event
      - You can rent items with gold from Balloon NPC
      - Currently, We are having rental event and it is for low level players. So there will be another rental items for high level players.
      - You can rent Black Fire Unique items with Gold and it is for the users who are over 800level.
      - All rental items will be expired after 24hours from you rent the items.


      List of Black Fire Unique Items for Rental

      Necklace - King’s Knot
      Necklace - Octahedral Mirror
      Belt - Hector’s Grudge
      Belt - Blooming Coil
      Glove - Fist Lord
      Glove - Butter Finger
      Helmet - Cardinal Tuft
      Crown - Sorceress’s Hood
      All Class Armor - Titan’s Shoulder
      All Class Armor - Faded Armor
      All Class Armor - Asacs’ Madness
      Boots - Daoring’s Touch
      Boots - Fenon’s Jar
      Cape - Catastrophe
      Cape - Contemporary Artisan
      Earrings - Radiation Singularity
      Earrings - Fragrance of Goddess

      *Burning Potato Gift Box
      - You can get “Burning Potato Gift Box” with some chance by defeating monsters that have ± 150 difference level with you.
      - When you get “Burning Potato Gift Box”, one of below items will be provided.



      List of Burning Potato Gift Box

      Cracked Ring of Blue Valor
      Ring of Red Valor
      Burning Potato Adventurer’s Log
      Mutated Flower x 10
      Mutated Flower x 50
      Mutated Flower x 100
      Shana’s Material Box
      Upgraded Great Charging Potion
      Raging Dragon’s Heart