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      [Notice - Login Issue Compensation]
      As a small compensation for our login error issue during last weekend, we will be upgrading our Gold Time x2.0 Event

      *Time : 2018/12/10 22:00 ~ 2018/12/14 22:00 [ingame time]
      (Event extended for 2 days)

      - Gold Time x2.0 will be upgraded to Gold Time x3.0, with 300% EXP and 300% Item drop rate.

      We apologize again for any inconveniences caused due to the login issue.



      [Update - 2108/12/10]

      In our previous notice, we mistakenly notified you that the Gold Time x3.0 will be applied from 12/09 22:00 (in-game time).

      The event will be applied from 12/10 22:00 to 12/14 22:00 (in-game time).

      We apologize for the confustion, and will make sure that these mistakes do not happen again.